Watch: The Damnwells – The Bell House – Oct. 4, 2019

I’ve seen The Damnwells live more than any other band, with the exception of Warrant but they’ve been around a LOT longer and are still touring. When it was announced a few months ago that the original Damnwells lineup – Alex Dezen (vocals/guitar), Dave Chernis (guitar), Ted Hudson (bass) and Steve Terry (drums) – was reuniting for a show in NYC, I started pricing out flights. Unfortunately, the reunion show coincided with a work conference that I was going to in Seattle and there was no way I could make it NYC. I was thrilled today when I discovered longtime Damnwells fan/friend Gilly had filmed the entire thing and posted on YouTube.

So, here’s the show, in chronological order. If there is a certain song you want to see, click on the “1/13” icon in the top right of the player to navigate to different songs in the set.

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