Tour: Donnie Vie (Enuff Z’ Nuff)

They may have had a bit of success in the early ’90s, but in my opinion Enuff Z’ Nuff never reached as many ears as they should have. Maybe it has something to do with inner band turmoil fueled by substance abuse, maybe it was just bad timing … I’m not really sure, but the band’s songwriting duo – Donnie Vie and Chip Z’ Nuff – know the formula for great power-pop songs.

As is the case with many of the bands from the hair metal era, it’s tough to keep up with what individual band members are up to and, in most cases, these artists are truly independent and putting out records on their own due to a lack of interest from labels. Donnie Vie has been putting out solo material for years but it’s somewhat difficult to track down. Fingers crossed that 2011 is a good year for Mr. Vie – who has dealt with his fair share of issues in the past. He’s announced a few upcoming Spring tour dates in some out-of-the-way locations where he’ll be playing tracks from Enuff Z’ Nuff’s history as well as own solo material (which, truth be told, doesn’t stray far from EZN’s trademark sound).

Tour dates:

Thu, 05 May – Greensburg, PA – 42nd Street
Fri, 06 May – Imperial, PA – Grim’s Roadhouse
Sat, 07 May – Wapakoneta, OH – Route 33 Rhythm & Brews
Wed, 15 Jun – Richmond, IN – Walker’s Night Club
Thu, 16 Jun – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club
Fri, 17 Jun – Crystal Lake, IL – Buzz
Sat, 18 Jun – Ishpeming, MI – Pig Fest

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  1. Ned–

    I’m with you on the let’s hope this works out. I’m a little surprised at the “out of the way” nature of this tour, but I guess this par tof th eband has been generally a little less…business oriented? I’ll check em out on the first date of the Chicago leg…

    Thanks for listening and keeping up with this very much under appreciated band…


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