Tour dates: Scott H. Biram

I don’t know many truck drivers. Hell, I don’t know ANY truck drivers but if all the stereotypes are to be believed, Scott H. Biram may be the prototypical truck-driving country-rock hillbilly with a need for speed … speed metal, that is. His 2006 release, Graveyard Shift, isn’t really an album the way, say, some of the stuff that Hank III puts out is, but you can tell that Biram’s the type of dude whose got an armful of tattoos that he shouldn’t be showing in church or to his momma. As much as metal influenced Biram (I’m guessing the guy’s got a shoebox full of Motorhead cassettes), there’s also a dirty blues influence in his music. Now, I’m a trusting fella and am inclined to believe that his love of country and the blues is genuine though Pitchfork called Biram’s 2005 release, The Dirty Old One Man Band, “mock blues” to which Biram had a few words to say.

DOWNLOAD: “Whiskey” from The Dirty Old One Man Band
DOWNLOAD: “Been Down too Long” from Graveyard Shift
DOWNLOAD: “No Way” from Graveyard Shift

You’ll have the opportunity to decide for yourself whether it’s real or mocking as Biram hits the road this month for a string of tour dates.

1/19 – Austin, TX (Hole in the Wall)
1/24 – Houston, TX (Continental Club)
1/25 – Lake Charles, LA (Cowboy’s Night Club)
1/26 – Hattiesburg, MS (Thirsty Hippo)
1/29 – Athens, GA (Caledonia Lounge)
1/30 – Atlanta, GA (Star Bar)
1/31 – Knoxville, TN (Pilot Light)
2/3 – Raleigh, NC (The Berkeley Cafe)
2/5 – Charleston, SC (The Map Room)
2/6 – Daytona Beach, FL (The Bank and Blues Club)
2/7 – Orlando, FL (The Social)
2/8 – Ybor City, FL (Orpheum)
2/9 – St. Pierce, FL (Stage Easy)
2/12 – Tallahassee, FL (Big Daddy’s)
2/13 – Baton Rouge, LA (Spanish Moon)
2/14 – Alexandria, LA (Finnegan’s Wake)
2/15 -  Lafayette, LA (Blue Moon Saloon)
2/16 – Beaumont, TX (Vortex)

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