Tour: Blind Melon (3 dates)

After reforming with new Travis Warren in 2006 and then giving him the boot in 2008, it looks like the Blind Melon guys are going to give it another try. There’s not a lot of details out there right now, but guitarist Christopher Thorn posted on Facebook that Blind Melon has booked 3 dates (2 in November, 1 in February) and the Blind Melon message board confirms those dates AND reveals that Travis will be given another shot as the lead singer. The band is said to be taking it slow and the future is still up in the air. Let’s hope the past is the past and everybody can move forward.

Here are the dates:

November 27, 2010 – The Aspen Festival (Aspen, CO.)
November 28, 2010 – The Bluebird Theatre (Denver, CO.)
February 04, 2011 – The Hard Rock & Casino (Albuquerque, NM.)

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