Top 5 list for week of 11/22/09

1. Free downloads:  Glossary singer Joey Kneiser’s solo debut, Columbus hip-hop all-star collective Greenhouse

Two totally different end’s of the spectrum, but both great in their own way. Kneiser’s folky storytelling serving as a stop gap between Glossary CDs can be downloaded here.

Greenhouse is the brainchild of Blueprint and Illogic. The EP features guest appearances by The Catalyst and Zerostar. Download the EP here.

2. Phil’s reaction to Fisbo the Clown on Modern Family

I love this show so much. Phil’s reaction at the 45 second mark of this clip is awesome. If you haven’t checked out this show yet, catch up on all the episodes.

3. Cleveland hardcore legend Don Foose’s (ex-Spudmonsters) new  self-titled project.

I don’t know Don, never saw his old band the Spudmonsters back in the day but his new band (Foose) makes me think of the late ’80s Cleveland punk scene (and Peabody’s Down Under), a scene which I won’t claim to have ever been part of but I was definitely aware of it.

4. Yes, Anvil deserve all the recent attention they’ve been getting but let’s not forget about Canada’s hair metal veterans Helix who just released Vagabond Bones, an album that would have sounded great in 1990.

5. Kevin Tihista’s cover of Townes Van Zant’s “Still Looking for You” from Introducing Townes Van Zant Via the Great Unknown

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