Tim Keegan – On a Good Day (video)

Years ago when I was interviewing Lauri Kranz she told me about seeing Tim Keegan perform at SXSW and said that if she ever had the opportunity to collaborate with the artist of her choice, it would be Mr. Keegan. I wasn’t familiar with him at the time but after some digging around discovered that Tim had worked with the likes of Robyn Hitchcock and The Blue Aeroplanes and, at the time (this was probably around 2000), was fully engaged in his own project, Departure Lounge.

All the Departure Lounge CDs are available used on Amazon.com at very reasonable prices so I’d definitely suggest picking up the whole catalog if you’re into bands like Mercury Rev (later period), The Pernice Brothers, Galaxie 500/Luna. If you’re looking for a single CD choice, I’m partial to ‘Out of Here’ but only because it was my introduction to Keegan and his work.

Check out this awesome cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” (it’s in RealMedia format; I haven’t been able to find an MP3 of it), available on the “What You Have is Good” single.

I recently discovered that Keegan put out a solo album earlier this year called ‘Foreign Domestic’ (available as an import through Amazon) and I’m burning up iTunes credit right now downloading it! The songs I’ve heard on MySpace are similar to the stuff Keegan did with the Departure Lounge, as you might expect.

Here’s a video from the new album for the gorgeous track “On a Good Day”.

YouTube Preview Image

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