The return of The Rentals

Has it really been seven years since the last release from The Rentals? Seems so though head Rental Matt Sharp has released some solo material in the interim. While Sharp hinted last year that his band was working on new material, there was very little evidence to support the claim.

Now comes word from The Rentals camp that a brand new 4-song EP featuring the tracks “Last Romantic Day”, “Little Bit of You in Everything”, “Life Without a Brain” and a reworked version of “Sweetness and Tenderness” (from 1995’s Return of the Rentals) will be available on August 14. Not quite as good as a full length, but it will be nice to hear something new from the former Weezer guitarist.

Itching to get back on the road, The Rentals have lined up 2 months worth of tour dates starting in August. Copeland and Goldenboy will join The Rentals on all dates.

Just for fun, check out this interview I did with Sharp back in ’97 shortly after Seven More Minutes was released.

Here’s an old school video (circa 1995) for “Waiting” featuring one time Rental (and current SNL cast member) Maya Rudolph.

YouTube Preview Image

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