The Lemonheads – “Rudderless”

So, I’m trying to put the thought of missing SXSW out of my head cuz it’s only leading to a sour stomach. I think the thing I regret missing the most is Evan Dando and whoever else makes up the Lemonheads these days perform It’s a Shame About Ray in it’s entirety last night. I haven’t found too many reviews of the show though this one on says Emo’s Annex, which is essentially a parking lot with a tent thrown over the stage, was packed to capacity and those who couldn’t get in were standing outside the chainlink fence watching/listening as best they could.

This album brings up so many memories of my college days, particularly drinking $1 Mooseheads at this corner bar called Bub’s on the Ohio State campus while pumping dollars worth of quarters into the jukebox to listen to this CD that all of us already owned.

I found one Lemonheads SXSW clip on YouTube (I’m sure more will pop up later) but rather than post that one, here’s the Lemonheads doing “Rudderless” in 2005 at a club in Rhode Island.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. I saw Dando w/ the new Lemonheads in Cleveland when they stopped through earlier this winter. It was totally great. The rest of the band is made up of the bassist and drummer from The Descendants. These were totally amped up versions of every song you would want to hear. They do so many that they don’t stop between them. One right into the next. I’m not really convinced Dando is off the drugs. He did not look well for the first 3/4 of the show. Barely seemed to be awake. But he nailed the songs.

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