The Blues – short film starring Angela and Alex Dezen

I was looking on YouTube, hoping to find some footage of the two recent Damnwells shows (no lucky with that) when I stumbled upon a short film by Julie Logan (USC) that was uploaded on May 2. The six-and-a-half minute film, titled “The Blues”, is about a singer (Angela Dezen) who can’t get up the nerve to sing in front of an audience.  Her guitarist (Alex Dezen, The Damnwells) is none too happy with the situation.

Watch it here.

Here’s Alex and Angela performing a new Damnwells song, “It’s Okay (Hey Now)” in January of this year.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. I’ll have footage from last weekends’ shows up hopefully sometime this week. I took the video w/ my ‘rents’ video camera and didn’t have the cord to upload it. Hopefully my step-dad can upload them to the computer for me tomorrow

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