Photos: The Entrance Band / Nebula

Word on the street was that The Entrance Band wasn’t to be missed and, truth be told, I was interested just to see the new band Paz Lenchantin (ex-A Perfect Circle, Zwan) was playing in. The crowd at the Ravari Room wasn’t as big as I expected it to be (what? the preview I wrote didn’t bring out the masses?) but those who ventured out “early” (The Entrance Band went on around 10:45pm) were treated to a performance that will not be forgotten. The Entrance Band doesn’t exactly wow with their stage presence but it was the music that blew 90 or so of us away. It’s trippy, hippie stoner rock from the ’70s as played by instruments and technologies from the ’00s and was memorizing to watch/listen to.

Nebula kicked some ass as well – that’s who a majority of the crowd was there to see and it’s pretty obvious that while some of the band members may be somewhat new, the Nebula sound (spacey/stoner funk grooves) has been well crafted over the course of the band’s 10 year history.

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