Justify Your Existence: Arlo

Up High in the Night(2001)
Stab the Unstoppable Hero(2002)

Must have gotten these two Arlo releases from a SubPop publicist. I’d have to go back and look at SubPop’s catalog releases during the early 2000s to see just how these fit into the stuff the label was putting out. Seems to me that it was between the mid-90s grunge/punk stuff and the later 2000s bearded folk stuff.
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Buffalo Tom return

After a nearly ten-year absence, Boston good guys Buffalo Tom returned in 2007 with Three Easy Pieces, a pick up from where they left off in 1998.

The music climate has changed since the band first formed under the tutelage of Dinosaur Jr. frontman, J. Mascis and it’s unlikely that Bill Janovitz, Chris Colburn or Tom Maginnis are able to make mortgage payments solely from the music they create, but they aren’t quite ready to call it quits yet. In early March, the trio will release Skins and they’re offering up a free EP of acoustic material on their website to get listeners ready.

Check out video versions of the EP’s tracks here.

New J. Mascis track, tour dates

Guess I’m a little late in posting this as it debuted on J.’s own site December 8.

“Not Enough” comes from J.’s new solo CD, “Several Shades of Why”, due out on SubPop on March 15. The tour to support “Several Shades of Why” kicks off on March 10 and runs through May.

LOVE this short interview with J. about people he’s collaborated with.