Bee Gees Covers (Part 1)

(This will likely be a continuing series as I’m always on the lookout for Bee Gees Covers)

Been meaning to check out Dirty Streets due to comparisons to bands like Grand Funk Railroad and when I pulled them up on Spotify, discovered they released a cover of “Stayin’ Alive” in October. Love how this takes the original and spins it in a bluesy twist – the lyrics are recognizable, the melody still there but it’s not a note-for-note cover.

At 2.6 million views, this isn’t a secret but, wow, how did I not know about this?

I don’t want fully-fleshed out covers with a full compliment of instruments. I want stripped down covers where the songwriting shines through.

Absolutely wonderful!

Simple, simple, simple. Showcase the power of the song.

YouTube Recommends: The Ultimate 80s Medley

No shame, YouTube knows me well (maybe that’s a little scary).

Martin Miller is a German guitar player, teacher, producer, composer and, oh yeah, vocalist. He’s well-known for teaching people how to play guitar and his YouTube channel is filled with dozens of instructional videos as well as cover jams where he’s joined by guests like Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons.

I’m not familiar with Martin so when this popped up, I thought maybe it was a couple of friends who have a bar band that decided to show off what they do but, within seconds, it’s easy to see these guys are really, really good seasoned pros and they run through full versions of some 80s classics like “Eye of the Tiger”, “Sledgehammer”, “The Final Countdown” and more.