You know that girl from the AT&T “Silent Treatment” commercial?

Well, not only is she an actress, but she’s a singer too. Alexandra Socha posted the “Sara Sessions” on Bandcamp and says this about the songs: Once Upon A Time, Paul Fujimoto and I had a lot of time on our hands, a piano, some fancy recording equipment and two books of Sara Bareilles songs (beer may have also been involved). We saw then it was our destiny to record covers of her awesome songs and release them once a week for the next month. Enjoy “The Sara Sessions”!

Rob Zombie – Commercial Sellout?

In real life I work for a company that launched a new advertising campaign last year. The commercials supposedly have led to more business but the jury is still out on the creative around the campaign.

I can’t imagine the way THIS commercial was pitched to Woolite.

Check out this Rob Zombie-directed commercial.