New track from ex-Mercury Rev singer David Baker

I’ll admit, I never got into Mercury Rev when David Baker was fronting the band. It was only after he left, and the band started sounding more like The Flaming Lips, that I found them listenable. Baker went on to form Shady after his Mercury Rev departure (I think I picked up Shady’s 1994 release, World, out of a dollar bin making it a very good candidate for a Plucked from the $1 bin feature). Baker also produced one of my favorite albums from the ’90s, Comet’s Chandelier Musings (seriously, buy a very cheap copy on Amazon).

Baker’s got a new band, Variety Lights, and will be releasing Central Flow on June 12.

DOWNLOAD: “Silent Too Long”

Listen: Electric Flower (Imaad Wasif, Josh Garza)

New discovery, for me anyway, is Electric Flower, a trippy, sun-drenched psychedelic duo comprised of solo artist (and sometime Yeah Yeah Yeahs member) Imaad Wasif and drummer Josh Garza who YOU might recognize from The Secret Machines but who I’LL always refer to as “the drummer from the best Texas Brit-rock/shoegaze-inspired band you’ve never heard of, Comet“.

The duo’s self-titled EP, which you can listen to below, is available on iTunes and on Amazon (and probably a bunch of other places – pretty much wherever you buy digital music from). The EP opens with the bombast of Garza’s drums though, having seen him play live many, many years ago, I can promise you that as loud as the recorded drums are, they are nothing compared to the Bonham-like punishment Garza inflicts on his instrument! The track, “Four”, is a pretty spooky, desert-flavored rocker with cult-ish like lyrics and vocals (like something the Manson family may have had in rotation as they plotted evil).

ELECTRIC FLOWER EP by Electric Flower

Here’s my guess … Electric Flower will play some of the festivals (SXSW, Coachella, Pitchfork, etc.) that lead to thousands of blog posts by writers such as myself saying, “You’ve GOT to hear this stuff, it’s amazing!”