“Somebody’s Watching Me”: Rockwell vs. Raunchy

Threw “Hits of ’83” onto the iPod for the trip to Chicago this weekend and was happy to hear Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” featuring backing vocals by Michael Jackson. Rockwell is Berry Gordy’s son (given name: Kennedy Gordy) and “Somebody’s Watching Me” was his only hit single (a number one hit single at that).

The Danish metal band Raunchy recorded a cover of the song for their 2008 release Wasteland Discotheque and it’s surprisingly similar to the original.

Rockwell’s version

Raunchy’s version (audio only)

One Reply to ““Somebody’s Watching Me”: Rockwell vs. Raunchy”

  1. I always loved this song, and I always wondered what Rockwell’s story was.

    Interesting cover. Definitely has that Scandinavian metal sound.

    I think my perfect version might have Rockwell’s playful vocals with Raunchy’s music — more guitar, less rasp.

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