Rick Astley – Together Fo Eva Roll

Mikepoint3 is the lead singer/guitarist for the noisy metal band 1point3 from Columbus, Ohio. I’ve described their sound in the past as being similar to the sounds created at a crash ’em up derby where the toothless drivers down a six-pack before hitting the mud pit and smash into their enemies all the while none of them are wearing helmets. Think my description is accurate?

Mikepoint3’s one of my favorite message board posters on the Donewaiting message board, he’s always dropping quotable posts and most recently added the following Rickroll-like video in a thread titled “Okay, so what should I do with the politics area of this board?” Of course, being Mikepoint3, he added his own flavor to the video (and is that Mike’s voice in place of Rick Astley’s????) Given the nature of the band he’s in, this video is even funnier – one of the best parody’s I’ve seen on the web.


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