Remember when Slash used to be cool?

Yeah, it’s been a while … a LONG while … since Slash was a true bad ass, but this one hurts, hurts a lot.

The former GN’R guitarist joined – ready for this? – FERGIE onstage this weekend for a “Sweet Child O’ Mine” cover.

YouTube Preview Image

(You’ve got to LOVE the commentary of the guy filming the song)

In other Slash news, rumors continue to swirl about who the next Velvet Revolver singer is going to be. Royston Langdon’s (ex-Spacehog, ex-Liv Tyler’s husband) name has popped up as has ex-Rose Tattoo frontman Angry Anderson. If anybody cares, an announcement is supposedly due soon.

Also, ex-GN’R guitarist Izzy Stradlin just released a new album (which Duff plays some bass on) called Concrete via iTunes. I’m going to download it tonight and will provide a review later this week.

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