Rebranding Atomic Ned launched in 2007 and was my place to wax poetic about bands I liked, post tour dates, provide links to new MP3s, interview artists I was a fan of, etc.

Life got in the way, other websites were launched, and became a site that I kept renewing just so I wouldn’t lose years worth of content.

I find that the radio stations I tend to listen to the most classify themselves as Classic Rock and when digging through record store bins, it’s albums from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s that are the first to catch my attention.

So, because I’m not quite ready to retire the URL and I still want to write about music … albeit older music … I’ve decided to rebrand and make it a blog about my comfort music, from bands that I’m intimately familiar with to bands that I’m just discovering some 20 – 40 years late. Not exactly sure what type of content you’ll find here – probably some album reviews, some band histories, and, if I’m able to pull it off, even some interviews.

Who would have thought that I’d be looking forward by glancing in the rearview mirror?

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