Question of the Week: Will you buy Guns N’ Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’ if it ever comes out?

This week has seen another round of GN’R leaks from the new album. These songs sound a little more cleaned up than the ones that were leaked earlier this year but it’s the same batch of songs. It’s tough to tell where these songs are coming from and if they’ll even wind up on Chinese Democracy. Now, I’ve given Axl the benefit of the doubt and I actually am eagerly anticipating the release of the CD (I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for quite a few years at this point). You can argue that it’s not Guns N’ Roses if the original members are no longer part of the band but I say that as long as Axl has the name, it IS Guns N’ Roses. And for those bitching that the leaked material doesn’t sound any different than the stuff you hear on crappy hard rock radio stations by bands like Godsmack, I’d counter with the fact that the G N’R of 2007 is NOT going to sound like the G N’R of 1987 – you SHOULD expect a different sound and if it’s not the sleazy, L.A. gutter-metal sound you remember, at least give the new stuff a few listens before declaring it garbage.

So, the question of the week is: Will you buy Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy if it ever comes out?

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