Plucked from the dollar bin: Ratt – Reach for the Sky

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I find it impossible to stay away from a $1 CD bin and thankfully have discovered that there are a few prime locations to come away with huge scores if you’re willing to put the time in to digging through piles and piles of junk. This feature will focus on CDs that I’ve plucked out of dollar bins.

Ratt – Reach for the Sky (Atlantic Records)
Original release date:
November 1988
Purchased at:
Half Price Books, Worthington, Ohio location

This was the fourth full-length Ratt release in 4 years and the last they did with producer Beau Hill. If I remember correctly from VH1’s Behind the Music special on Ratt, there was a lot of tension among the band members and with Hill during the recording of this album and in hindsight, the album isn’t as strong as the three that came before it. But, there are still a few MTV hits among the batch of songs, including “Way Cool Jr.” and, my favorite from this CD, “I Want a Woman”. Back when this was released, CDs were still more of a novelty than they were the norm, so when you look at this thing split into Side A and Side B, the first side (or the first half of the CD, if you will) is actually pretty strong with the two aforementioned hits as well as “City to City,” “Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds,” and the power-ballad “I Want to Love You Tonight”.

As you’ll discover in this column, I’m a sucker for hair metal releases that I find in the dollar bin and among the ones I’ve found in previous shopping trips, I suspect this one will get more spins than the others. It was definitely worth the dollar spent to purchase it and it’s very indicative of the hair metal scene of the late ’80s.

“I Want a Woman” video

One thought on “Plucked from the dollar bin: Ratt – Reach for the Sky”

  1. This is probably the best Ratt album. Last week I was updating my “metal” playlist on my iPod and I realized there was alot of stuff I never got on CD because I had most of it on Cassette. I need to start hitting the dollar bins again and get caught up.

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