When interviews go bad

Found this over on the Blind Melon message board. Blind Melon’s Shannon Hoon is being interviewed on-air in a TV studio and doesn’t take kindly to the questions being asked. Based on things Shannon says during the interview, it sounds like the interviewer had spoken to the band before going on air, had discussed with them the questions he was going to ask, and then once the cameras went on, went with a whole new line of questioning. Now, having interviewed Shannon myself a few times and knowing him a little bit better than the average rock journalist, I know that he didn’t really like to be asked about his connection with Guns N’ Roses. Yes, Blind Melon got a break when Shannon appeared in GN’R’s “Don’t Cry” video, but Shannon wanted Blind Melon to stand on their own merits – not as “the band with the singer who was in a Guns N’ Roses video”.

If you’ve got links to other on-air videos that go bad, post ’em in the comments section.

Burning Brides new album due in stores June 19

If you were planning on picking up the Burning Brides third album, Hang Love, in a few weeks, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer as the release date has been pushed to June 19. But judging by the three streaming tracks on the band’s site, the wait will be worth it. Having given each of the tracks multiple listens over the last 24 hours, I can’t really pick a favorite though I’m definitely digging the Queens of the Stone Age/Alta May vibe of the title track, “Hang Love”. The only tour dates currently listed on the band’s site are 4 residency dates in Los Angeles at the Echo though the trio will surely hit the road once Hang Love hits stores. QOTSA’s Era Vulgaris hits stores a week before Hang Love. Maybe if we collectively keep our fingers crossed, the two bands will hook up on a nationwide tour.

White Lion to open for Poison/Ratt this summer?


One thing you’ll just have to accept is that I love ’80s hair metal. The Poison/Ratt summer tour isn’t terribly exciting news as Poison seems to hit outdoor sheds every summer with a different opening band in tow. I caught the Poison/Vince Neil/Skid Row tour a few years ago and got my share of Poison, enough to last me for a few more years. Even the prospect of seeing Ratt with a majority of it’s original members doesn’t really do much for me. But then MetalSludge.com reported this week that White Lion will be added to the bill and all of a sudden my interest level shot through the roof. The reality is that of the 4 guys in the White Lion picture above, only one of them (Mike Tramp, singer) is still in the band so it’s a good possibility that the White Lion on this tour is really nothing more than Mike Tramp backed by a bunch of nobodies playing White Lion’s greatest hits. But, I’d still like to see that as I only saw White Lion once or twice “back in the day”.


“Wait …. Wait … I never had a chance to love you ….”

LOST: One of Us

99% of the content you’ll read on AtomicNed will be music related but my obsession with LOST runs as deep as my obsession with music.

Now, while I may read some of the message boards and listen to some of the official and unofficial podcasts, I have to admit that I don’t really have a big theory about what’s going on, but I sure do like to share my opinions.

For the sake of those who either haven’t seen last night’s episode or who don’t care about LOST, I’ve saved my thoughts and opinions after the jump.

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Contrast Podcast: Musicians introduce their own songs (5)

I’ve contributed a few times in the past to Tim Young’s excellent Contrast Podcast, a podcast that Tim hosts but that relies on submissions by people from around the blogosphere. The idea is simple – every week Tim tosses out a theme (example: “Songs about Monkeys”, “Songs that start with the letter A”, “Covers that are better than the original”) and then opens it up for people to submit songs along with 30 to 60 second intros for the song. Once he’s collected 60 minutes worth of music and intros, he stops taking submissions and puts everything together into a handy dandy lil’ podcast that he posts every Tuesday.

The theme he threw out last week was “Musicians introduce their own songs” (this was the 5th time he’s opened up this podcast to musicians) and the latest Contrast Podcast has been posted.

DOWNLOAD: Contrast Podcast – Musicians Introduce Their Own Songs

While I can’t guarantee there is still room on next week’s podcast (theme – “Kings and Queens”), I plan to submit a song later this week and if it gets used, I’ll post a link when it’s put up on Tim’s site (hell, I’ll put up a link even if my song doesn’t make it).