Nuno leaves the party, takes drummer with him

Here’s the way I imagine it went down four or so years ago:

Ex-Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt runs into Perry Farrell’s manager at Starbucks in L.A.

“Hey Nuno, what’s going on?” Perry’s manager asks.

“Dude, I’m really stoked about this thing I’m working on. We’re calling it Dramagods and it kicks ass,” Nuno says.  “What’s up with Perry these days?”

“Well, he’s been writing these songs but he’s not really sure what to do with them. He’ll never work with Hollywood Navarro again so a Jane’s reunion is out of the question and Porno for Pyros isn’t worth reviving.”

“Yeah? The Dramagods stuff is recorded and finished. If you guys need somebody to come jam on a few tunes, here’s my cell number,” Nuno says.

Two weeks later, the manager calls Nuno and invites him down to an informal jam session. “Just don’t mention that you were in Extreme, okay?”

Nuno shows up at Perry’s pad, lays down some killer riffs and is offered a job on the spot by Perry who has no idea who Nuno is. The two start working on material together, Nuno brings in the drummer from Dramagods for a “guaranteed pay day, dude” and Satellite Party takes off.

Cut to present day, Perry Farrell is doing the rounds with the press (I could have talked to him – for a different publication – if my work schedule had allowed) and people keep asking, “How’d you hook up with the guy from Extreme? Nobody saw that coming.” Perry doesn’t know how to respond since it’s only been 6 months since Nuno casually passed off a copy of Extreme’s Pornograffitti to Perry to check out.

Things start getting weird as the band begins rehearsals for their first official tour and some time last week, after being told that he’d have to ride with the roadies in the U-Haul, Nuno decides the time is right to bail and go back to just being the “guitar guy that used to be in Extreme and now has this new band called Dramasomething”.

At least that’s how I envision it in my head.

Nuno Bettencourt and Kevin Figg left Satellite Party last week and have been replaced by (ex-Silvertide) Nick Perri (guitars) and (ex-Ryan Cabrerra) Jordan Plosky (drums) just in time for Satellite Party’s August tour dates.

7 comments on “Nuno leaves the party, takes drummer with him

  1. KMB

    If only PF would have figured out that when SP played live they NEEDED a keyboardist instead of a dancing queen. Yes she is pretty and could minimumlly get by with some backing vocals but not paying a keyboardist to fill in the music (as on the CD) to have your wife along (in the band) was taking the “Story” of SP too far. The music should ALWAYS come first before the Vison when playing LIVE!

  2. I don’t think you have your facts right there Chippy. Nuno actually met Perry at a party, that’s how they hooked up.
    Nuno left because they are touring around playing mostly all Jane’s Addiction songs with a SP song thrown in here and there.

  3. We don’t need ‘SATELITE PARTY’

    Nuno & Gary Cherone are back together! WOW! What a great moment!

    EXTREME is back! and we NEED to MENTION it because they are better than the most new bands around.

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