New Superchunk EP coming soon!

Good news in the form of a press release sent by Merge Records – Superchunk will be releasing a new EP in April, Leaves in the Gutter, their first set of new material in 8 years. The seminal indie rock band has played a handful of shows over the past few years and the tracks included on the EP were written during this time.

The most promising part of the press release is the indication that Superchunk is working on songs for a new full length. Mac McCaughan says, “We kind of felt like if we’re going to get to work on a new album we need to clear the decks of these songs first. A couple of them I really like but they already feel like they’re from another era and wouldn’t fit on a new album anyway, and the newer ones are from the new era but we’ve recorded them and they sound good so here they are.”

Leaves in the Gutter will be in stores and also available in digital format on April 7. Eleven days later Superchunk will be playing at Coachella.

Here’s “Misfits and Mistakes,” one of the songs slated to appear on the EP.

Track Listing:

1. Learned to Surf

2. Misfits & Mistakes

3. Screw It Up

4. Knock Knock Knock

5. Learned to Surf (acoustic demo)

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  1. Here’s one of the handful of live shows that Superchunk has played over the last couple of years – it was a benefit at the Cat’s Cradle for our friend Cy Rawls on 8.28.09. It includes lots of classic tracks and all proceeds go to cancer research in memory of our friend Cy:

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