Minus the Bear – new song available for download

Last year I was part of a mix CD club along with 11 other people. The rules were simple. Every month, one of the people in the club would send a mix CD out to the other 11. That way, every month, everyone in the club got a new mix CD in the mail. One of the songs I put on my mix was Minus the Bear’s “The Game Needed Me,” the first track from 2005’s Menos el Oso, because it reminded me of the Dismemberment Plan.  Of the 19 tracks on my mix, this is the one that the rest of the club seemed to dislike the most, much to my surprise.

Minus the Bear has a new album coming out in August on Suicide Squeeze records and have posted a new song to give people a sample of what’s in store. While “Dr. L’ Ling” doesn’t remind me of the Dismemberment Plan, I’m digging the song all the same. Give it a listen and let me know what you think of it.

DOWNLOAD: “Dr. L’ Ling” 

The band has a load of tour dates this spring to preview tracks from the new CD and undoubtedly a full tour to support the new release will take place this fall.

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