Live Ken Andrews CD now available

I’m of the mindset that Ken Andrews is one of the most overlooked artists of the last 20 years. Failure, the band he fronted in the ’90s, was always a favorite of the critics and of other bands, but that didn’t necessarily translate into big record sales. The band broke up in 1997 and since then Andrews has formed bands (ON, Year of the Rabbit), produced/recorded/mixed bands (Pete Yorn, Chris Cornell, A Perfect Circle) and written/recorded/toured as a solo artist with his wife, singer Charlotte Martin.

While on tour last year, Andrews recorded some of his performances and has culled songs from those performances for a release simply titled ‘ Live (Secrets of the Lost Satellite Tour, Spring 2007)’. The CD, featuring songs that span Andrews recorded career, is available in digital format through iTunes, Amazon, and Napster. If you crave an actual physical copy of the CD, you can pick one up through MusicToday or CD Baby.

Andrews is currently working on a project called Los Angeles Digital Noise (LADN) with his wife, Jordon Zardorozny (ex-Blinker the Star), Brad Laner (ex-Medicine), and Sharky Laguana (Creeper Lagoon). Andrews says in an email newsletter that he’s hoping to finish the album in February so he can prepare for the birth of his child in April.

One additional Failure note: There is a tribute CD called ‘The Nurse Who Loved Me’ which is due to be released in mid-2008.

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