Introducing Zella Day, the next, next, next American Idol

I got sucked into this show on MTV a week or two ago called Camp’d Out: I’m Going to Rock Camp. It’s one of those MTV true life documentaries and this particular one was about a camp that teens go to to learn to be rock stars. The documentary centered around a select handful of “campers” and it was Zella Day who stood out heads and shoulders above the rest of her fellow wanna be rockers. The 13-year-old acts like, surprise, a 13-year-old – really energetic and outgoing and she writes her own songs.

“Simple Song” (Zella Day original)

Zella, according to her MySpace page, has a record coming out sometime this month. I don’t know if that disqualifies her from a future American Idol appearance, but if she hasn’t already become a big rock star by the time she turns 16 (the minimum age of contestants), I have little doubt that the judges would become absolutely smitten with her and give her a golden ticket probably before she even sang her first note.

“Anyone Else But You” (Moldy Peaches cover from the film Juno)

moldy peaches cover

3 comments on “Introducing Zella Day, the next, next, next American Idol

  1. Wow! I was just checking out what came up on google when I put my name in and this came up. Thank you, Thank you!!! Means alot to read this 🙂

    – Zella Day

  2. hey i saw the same show, and i totally agree! couldn’t believe she was only 13! i also googled her and then downloaded some of her music off itunes the same day. was so impressed. 🙂 it’ll be interesting to see where she goes!

  3. Hey Zella! This girl and her family are amazing. I had the oportunity to be in house during the recording of her album and was very impressed. Keep it up!

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