Interview: Gold Motel

Formed after The Hush Sound went on (permanent?) hiatus, Gold Motel is led by Greta Morgan and features members of This is Me Smiling. The band’s girl-group-sounding, pop-friendly full length debut, Summer House, comes out on June 1.

I e-mailed Greta some questions earlier this week. Here’s what she has to say.

The Gold Motel stuff sounds so “summery” to me – it’s bright, happy and shiny. If you owned a convertible, what songs would you have playing on your “Cruising Around Town – Summer ’10” playlist as you drive around and sing at the top of your lungs?

Vampire Weekend “Giving Up The Gun”
The Strokes “Under Control”
Generationals “When They Fight, They Fight”
John Lennon  “Oh Yoko”
The Kinks “Drivin’
The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”
The Supremes “When The Lovelight Starts Shining In His Eyes”
The Zombies “Summertime”
Beach House “Walk In The Park”
Bob Lind “Cool Summer”

I’ve often heard that touring is like going away to summer camp. Have you ever been to summer camp and would you say touring is anything at all like that?

Yes, there’s a similar kind of camaraderie that exists on tour as at summer camp. We are together practically 24 hours a day, working toward a mutual goal, and having a great time doing it. I did go to summer camp and it taught me much about adaptability, loyalty, and adventure.

When was the last time you went on a family summer vacation? Where did you go and was it fun or had you outgrown the whole “vacationing with the family” thing?

My last ‘family vacation’ was with my Dad + brother when we went to The Point on Saranac Lake in the Catskills. The Point was once the Rockefeller’s summer home and has since been converted into an incredible resort vacation spot. It’s very humble, gorgeous, right on the water, and has gourmet chefs at call 24/7. My brother ordered some kind of gourmet buffalo pizza flatbread at 3 in the morning while we played pool one night.

You’ve probably graduated from this stage, but how difficult/awkward is it to ask – from the stage – if anybody can put you up for the night since you can’t afford a hotel?

We usually stay in a hotel unless we have family or close friends in a particular city. Asking someone to put up 6-7 people for a night is a big imposition, so I never ask unless someone offers.

You’re a little less than a month away from the release of the first Gold Motel full length. Why did you decide to go out and tour before it was out? Is it exciting playing songs to fans who haven’t heard those songs yet or do you find that their reaction is lukewarm – not because the songs aren’t good, but because they aren’t familiar with the songs and can’t sing along?

I wanted the band to grow together as a live act before the album was released. We’ve played about 40 shows at this point and it’s amazing to see how much it’s made us a more collective unit. The live show is the most important thing next to the album, and I wanted to be sure ours is totally unsinkable.

Speaking of singing along … have you ever looked out into the crowd and caught someone singing along but singing the wrong words?

Yes, I always notice people singing the wrong words, but am impressed by their enthusiasm!

Was there something specific in your life that really turned you onto music/rock and roll?

My dad had a 1960’s Wurlitzer jukebox in our basement that was filled with Motown, The Beatles, Peter Paul and Mary, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, and many more. We used to dance in front of the jukebox all the time, and that was one of the first influences that threw me into rock n roll.

In your past life (past = The Hush Sound), you had some pretty amazing tour opportunities. Are you opening to get on a big tour this summer or are you enjoying the headlining dates at smaller clubs? If ever given the opportunity to request food and/or beverages from the promoter, are there certain things you always ask for?

We’ve been enjoying these headlining shows very much but look forward to the first support tour that comes our way. Fingers crossed! As for our rider at venues, I usually ask for fresh fruit + vegetables, coffee, yogurt, etc. The boys usually want alcohol and red bull. I guess that’s pretty standard for a touring band.

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