I stood 30 feet away from Robert Plant

It was VERY cool seeing Robert Plant – can’t believe I’ve lived almost 40 years and have never seen one of my favorite singers. But, in a way, I’m sort of glad I didn’t see the “Heaven Knows”, “Little By Little”, “Tall Cool One”-era Robert Plant because while I like those songs (actually, quite a bit), that feels more like Plant’s attempt and becoming a pop-rock (maybe pop’s not the right word, maybe “radio-friendly” is what I’m looking for) star. He seems to be in his element now as he’s gone back to his earliest blues/country/folk roots.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want him to just, for one song, completely bust out and do an over-the-top full-on rock version of a Zeppelin song, but I’m more than satisfied (WAY more than satisfied) with what I saw last night. A great band (even though they look more like my uncles than rock stars) and it was cool that he shares the spotlight with them rather than owning the stage for the entire performance.

Check out the setlist from the 6/13/11 Columbus, Ohio show.

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