I spent the night with Everest … and they made a video

Sounds dirty, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the two aren’t related.

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Last night’s plan was simple – slide into The Newport 5 minutes before Everest went on (8:45), watch their 45-minute set, and be back home before the 11pm news started. It didn’t quite work out that way.

After Everest’s amazing set (if you go into listening to their music knowing that singer Russell Pollard draws inspiration from Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, and Elliott Smith, you’ll be well prepared), I ran into guitarist Joel Graves at the merch booth. Being the liner note reading geek that I am, I recognized Joel’s name from Dig’s third – and final – album, Life Like. Joel told me that I’m the only person that has ever recognized him from his short lived time with the mid ’90s alterna-rockers.

My plan unraveled when Joel asked if I wanted to meet the rest of the band. I’ve interviewed both singer Russell and drummer Davey Latter in the past (Russell on the phone, Davey in person along with his former Great Northern bandmates) and was anxious for the chance to say hi.

3 hours later I headed home. Anytime I’ve got a couple of beers in me and the opportunity arises to talk music, I’ll jump at the chance, and the Everest guys love to talk about music. Topics of conversation included: Minus the Bear fans, Warner Bros. (who just signed Everest), Pearl Jam, MTV, Blind Melon, Dinosaur Jr., Neil Young (who put out Everest’s first record on his Vapor Records label), Alaska!, the Flaming Lips, Morris Day and The Time, Friday Night Lights (Minus the Bear’s drummer Erin Tate slipped into the Everest dressing room for a while and shared his love for the high school football TV series) and Bret Michaels.

And, on top of all that, Russell, bassist Eli Thompson, and I witnessed a shady looking older gentlemen who was loitering behind the club punch some college-aged kid (who had it coming to him) square in the face and drop him to the ground with a bloody mouth and nose.

It was way better than coming home early and doing “work”.

Everest will be on the road throughout May with Minus the Bear and Young the Giant. Check out their new CD, On Approach, in stores on May 11.

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