Gregory And The Hawk (photo tour diary)

Sometimes you get that feeling. I got it when I blindly asked Gregory And The Hawk to take some digital photos while on their current tour and send them to me to put up here. They could have sent a bunch of crummy shots, but they didn’t. They delivered … big time.

Here’s the obligatory plug for GATH – go out and buy the new CD Moenie and Kitchi if you’re a fan of female-fronted indie/folk pop (I definitely am). It’s one of the better releases I’ve heard in 2008, female-fronted or not. While there are some moments of beautiful and simple acoustic rock, it’s hard to pigeonhole this band led by Meredith Godreau and featuring Mike McGuire. Godreau says her biggest influences are The Lemonheads, The Blake Babies, My Bloody Valentine and The Sundays. Over on Donewaiting, I said that while Godreau doesn’t site them, you can toss Lisa Loeb and Tanya Donelly into the influences list if you want a good idea what to expect.

Here’s a sampling of the photo tour diary. The rest are after the jump.

(cambridge, ma) mike outside the post office in cambridge, this was right before our first show of the tour at tt the bear’s place

(washington dc) before our show in vienna, we stopped off in dc to take a picture that mike said was a copy of a john lennon picture.  i have never seen that one, but i believe him.  after this we got chinese food and high tailed it out of there.  everybody in dc was mad stressed and we saw a bald guy in a suit yell at his car.

(washington dc) pulling into dc, there was loads and loads of obama signs on lawns and tons of mini row houses.  when i saw this mini church i decided it was the most perfect building in the world, so i leaned on the mini tree outside and mike took this picture

(vienna,va) we opened for neil halsted at jammin’ java.  they were super nice and really good live, then we listened to his record and kings of convenience on the way to the hotel.

(philadelphia,pa) wkdu’s pretty ceiling lights.  we rocked their radio station before the unitarian church show…

(philadelphia,pa) a shot of dan malloy playing his beautiful ambient music.  he opened for us here at this dark wooded tiny room in the first unitarian church in philadelphia.  everyone sat in mini pews

(richmond, va) a deposit box at denny’s that gave us a good laugh. well, we think everybody should have some sort of club for breakfast time

(richmond, va)  running toward a blue pickup.  this was after a particularly sleepless night and i was going crazy, as you can see by the position of my left hand.  there was a bonfire in the distance

(durham, nc) sunset in the car

(mebane, nc) i AM a food lion, i couldn’t get enough of the logo for this grocery store.  it makes me want to be a champion

(charlotte, nc) a fitting bumper sticker on a taxi cab

(charotte, nc) neil and pastor jon telling us jokes at the milestone

(charlotte, nc) the “be right back” sign in the milestone box office

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