Gabriella Cilmi – what a difference a year makes!

I caught a performance by Gabriella Cilmi last year at the Aussie BBQ at SXSW. Here’s what I wrote:

Gabriella Cilmi is in a league all her own and I think the Aussie BBQ organizers scored a coup getting her to perform. I’m pretty sure she’s already got a U.S. record deal and is poised to go onto really big things. Because Amy Winehouse was really the first to gain popularity with this type of music, that would be the easiest/simplist reference point.

Here’s a video from the Aussie BBQ.

Cilmi has a new CD coming out in March and as you can hear for yourself, she’s got a totally different sound in 2010 – one that is likely to sell tons of digital downloads.

Check out her new single, “On a Mission” (is it just me or does it borrow from Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out”?)

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