Free music Friday

Woods“To Clean”
( says “tight and beautifully lighthearted ghostly folkish songs”)
Future of the Left“Arming Eritrea”
Ear Pwr“Future Eyes”
(Blistering thumpers with infectious melodies, Disco chants with wild-eyed electro anthems)
Ganglians“Lost Words”
(pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to)
Phenomenal Handclap Band“15 to 20”
(Rolling Stone says “summer’s first party jam… wildly catchy”)
The Silent Years“Madame Shocking”
(dreamy keys and strings beside soaring melodies)
These United States“Honor Amongst Thieves”
(unbridled rock and roll exuberance: ringing guitars, thundering drums, desperate yearning bordering on hope)
Steinbeck“Possessions (Not the One By Danzig)”
(from Atom and His Package tribute CD)
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound“By the Rippling Green”
(a soundtrack for strange days and futures bright and bleak)
Japandroids“Young Hearts Spark Fire”
(Pitchfork says, “distortion-cranked garage-rock anthems about fleeting youth”)
Discovery“Orange Shirt”
(Vampire Weekend / Ra Ra Riot side project)

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