Evolution of “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” by Vinnie Vincent

Falling down the wormhole that is YouTube, I was revisiting some Vinnie Vincent Invasion songs after hearing of the former Kiss guitarist’s legal troubles. I’m not sure of the time period of the band Warrior, of which Vincent was a member (founder?) of, but I stumbled across a demo for the songs “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” which would later appear on the Vinnie Vincent Invasion debut album.

While there are very similar guitar intros and solos in both versions of the songs – and the chorus is nearly identical – the verses (both lyrically and structurally) are completely different.

Here’s the Warrior demo version.

Here’s the version that appears on the Vinnie Vincent Invasion album.

It got me to wondering why there was such a dramatic change between the original and the officially released version. Did Vincent decide the first version wasn’t something he wanted to release? Did the other members of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion bring their own thoughts and ideas to the songs? Did somebody at a label tell Vincent that he’d need to update the song to make it more marketable?

I know Vincent wrote a lot of songs that he demoed and/or sold to other artists to use. The first song I even looked up (and which led me down this entire path) was the quasi-ballad “Back on the Streets” and I was shocked to learn that there are so many versions of the songs as recorded by other artists. Not only did Vincent record and release it on the debut VVI album, but he also recorded a few different versions before putting VVI together. The guitarist that Vincent replaced in Kiss, Ace Frehley, recorded his own version of the Vincent-penned song as did 3 Speed and former Europe guitarist John Norum.

Here are just some of the many different versions I found on YouTube.

Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Vinnie Vincent demo (Vinnie on lead vocals)

Ace Frehley

3 Speed

The Comet Band (with Richie Scarlett on vocals)

John Norum

4 thoughts on “Evolution of “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” by Vinnie Vincent”

  1. actually the Warrior version verse melody became one of my fav Gene songs on Lick It Up Called “On the 8th Day”

  2. Back on the Streets was my Fav from the 1st record. Vinnie sings 1st verse..I actually like his voice. Robert Fleishman was the 1st singer in Journey before Steve Perry replaced him.

  3. Yeah, pretty confusing (“Back on the Streets”). I’m not sure who is singing on any of the versions 🙂 I’ll have to go back and listen to Lick It Up. I bought the vinyl the day it came out, mainly so I could stare at the cover and figure out who was who without makeup. Back in those days I’d buy entire albums and then just listen to 2 or 3 songs.

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