Video: Duquette Johnston’s “Roll Baby Roll”

Duquette Johnston’s a good cat – I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times throughout the years, first as a fresh-faced bass player with Verbena and years later as an up-and-coming solo artist (in between, he toured with the Blake Babies and played in a few local Alabama bands).

Exposure is key in this day-and-age, never know when a placement in a TV show, commercial or movie may open otherwise closed doors so it’s exciting that Johnston’s “Roll Baby Roll” is going to be featured on this week’s Private Practice season finale on ABC (Dang, does this mean I have to watch the show for the first time just to support my old pal?).

DOWNLOAD: “Roll Baby Roll”

This song is featured on a Communicating Vessels 7″ which can be purchased here should you be interested in supporting an independent artist.

Check out Johnston’s 2010 CD, Rugged & Fancy, available as a FREE download.

Johnston’s always got something musical up his sleeve and is currently working on a new record (Rabbit Runs a Destiny) with producer Armand Margjeka which is due out before the end of the year.

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