Barn Burner

Found a post on titled “Metal Blade Records in 2010: Still Killing It”. Can’t remember the last time I cared about anything Metal Blade put out and, truthfully, really had no idea the label was still kicking it. The description of Barn Burner particularly interested me:

Up-beat, throwback stoner metal ala The Sword that’s got some real soul and actual musicality.

If you’re going to describe a band in 15 or words or less, this is how it should be done. I immediately sought out Barn Burner’s latest, Bangers, and it’s exactly as described by MetalSucks – throwback stoner metal. This is the type of band that I love stumbling across at SXSW, not knowing anything about them or their music.

Check this out (language at the beginning is NSFW).

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