Bands to Watch 2008: Sleepercar

Download: Wasting My Time

Taking a bumpy off-road off the Sparta highway, Jim Ward is exploring a previously untapped path with his new project, Sleepercar, a full-blown rootsy, twangy, rural rock offering. While Ward’s bread-and-butter, Sparta, is known for it’s melodic, post-hardcore sound which, itself, is just a few steps removed from Ward’s previous band, At The Drive-In, Sleepercar owes much more to the mid-America sounds of Gram Parsons, the Old 97s, and the tumbleweed landscape of Ward’s home state, Texas.

Sleepercar has a handful of Texas tour dates coming up (including an appearance at SXSW):

Mar 18 – Brownsvile – Galeria 407
Mar 19 – McAllen – Incubator
Mar 20 – Laredo – GW Roadhouse
Mar 21 – Corpus Christi – Brewster St
Mar 22 – College Station – venue tba
Mar 25 – Ft Worth – Lola’s
Mar 26 – Wichita Falls – 169
Mar 27 – Amarillo Golden – Light Cafe
Mar 28 – Abilene – Monks Cafe
Mar 29 – Lubbock – Jakes
Mar 30 – Marfa – Ray’s Bar

Sleepercar’s debut, ‘West Texas‘, drops in stores on April 22.

It’s interesting to note that there is another band with the same name out there, just displayed a tad bit different. Sleeper Car, from Chicago, not so surprisingly, also plays in the Americana sandbox and you should keep your eyes on these guys as well; their ‘Love and Anxiety’ EP is getting a lot of plays on my iPod lately.

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