A moment of reflection; a moment of beauty

One night later and I can’t get Nine Inch Nail’s performance of “The Great Destroyer” (at the 70% full Schottenstein Center in Columbus) out of my head. It was truly a thing of beauty, especially the last half as the LED screens (or whatever they were) flashed television static in sync with the electronic blips and bloops coming out of the keyboard and keyboard-like samplers that Trent and band were playing (at about the 2 minute mark in the video below).

(This isn’t from the Columbus show – it’s from a August 2007 show in Sweden – but it looked exactly the same)

There has been enough talking about the show and the crowd size on the Interweb so I’ll just say that I thought the show was well worth the $17 (plus $12 service fees) that I paid.

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