5 days left to download De Rosa’s “in between” album

I didn’t know anything about De Rosa before reading the Matador Records year-end blog entry in which anybody/everybody associated with Matador weighed in on their favorites of 2008. Maybe an eighth of the way down the page, Barry Burns of Mogwai listed his number 1 of 2008 as: “Promo of Scottish band De Rosa’s new album called Prevention on Chemikal Underground Records. If I like it, it’s bound to sell literally hundreds, of downloads.”

A Scottish band on a label which never fails to deliver as recommended by a member of Mogwai? I had to check it out and was pleased to discover – albeit twelve months late – that De Rosa had a number of songs they had recorded but for one reason or another weren’t right for Prevention. Starting in January ’08, they released a new song every month on their site, effectively making a 12-song release available by December AND available as FREE downloads.

As the offer for free downloads for an album that De Rosa has dubbed Appendices will be removed on Dec.31, I’d highly suggest you grab these songs NOW if you’re into the post-rock indie stuff ala Mogwai and The Delgados.

Appendix #1: “It Lives in Parks”
Appendix #2: “Ore”
Appendix #3: “Blisters” (DIRTY VERSION)
Appendix #4: “One Sixtieth Of A Second / Too Late”
Appendix #5: “The Sea Cup”
Appendix #6: “Falling Water”
Appendix #7: “Out To Play”
Appendix #8: “Robin Song”
Appendix #9: “Joyless”
Appendix #10 “A Prelude To Entropic Doom”
Appendix #11 “Community” DOWNLOAD HERE
Appendix #12 “To Early Days of Home”

If this stuff has you excited, you can pick up De Rosa’s debut, Mend,  on the cheap (as a used CD) on Amazon while waiting for the March release of Prevention. Hopefully some U.S. touring will happen next year (SXSW????).

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