27 – Holding on for Brighter Days

A far cry from the Sonic Youth-inspired indie rock noise she was creating in the mid-90’s as a member of Boston’s The Dirt Merchants, Maria Christopher’s latest venture, 27, is breezy electronic pop with jazzy elements. The band’s sound hasn’t always been this fully orchestrated – early efforts left room for improvement but set the structural foundation for Christopher and ex-Spore guitarist Ayal Naor to build upon over the course of three full lengths. For those disappointed with Esthero’s 2005 glossy pop follow-up to her 1998 trip-hop classic ‘Breathe from Another’, check out 27’s “Louder Than Words,” “Closer to You,” and “Windows and Glass” where Christopher’s voice shines.

MP3: A Million Years
Buy: Holding on for Brighter Days

27 has some upcoming U.S. tour dates with Isis and some UK tour dates with Minus the Bear. Check out all the dates here.

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