Tour/download: Sara Lov to open for Sea Wolf

Sara Lov

While doing research to prepare for interview with Alex Church of Sea Wolf a year or so ago, I stumbled across a band called Devics which featured the charming vocal talents of Sara Lov. Discovering Devics was a happy accident and shortly thereafter the Devics showed up on American Laundromat’s Cure tribute album performing “Catch”.

Lov has since ventured out on her own, releasing an EP (The Young Eyes) and a full length (Seasoned Eyes were Beaming) and now she’s been invited to support Sea Wolf and Port O’Brien on a 7-week tour starting in mid-September (dates after the jump).

DOWNLOAD:  Sara Lov – “Animals”

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Video: Pearl Jam – “The Fixer”

The audio isn’t so hot but the new Pearl Jam video that popped up online this week gives a sneak preview of what’s to come on the band’s upcoming Backspacer album.

I don’t know – maybe it’s because I’ve been on a big Mother Love Bone kick lately – but I just haven’t felt the Pearl Jam love for quite some time, the only thing they’ve done in the last few years that’s excited me was re-release a re-mastered version of Ten.

“The Fixer” sounds pretty good, here’s hoping the rest of the album excites me.

Song of the day: Julian Plenti – “Games for Days”

Dummy me didn’t realize that Julian Plenti is the name of Interpol frontman Paul Banks’ solo project until I read a review of the CD in the new Rolling Stone. Obviously I don’t follow every move of that the Interpol guys make though I won’t turn off the radio/iPod when they come on.

That being said, I’ve listened to “Game for Days” about a dozen times today and it’s definitely one that buries itself in deep in your ear. Give it a listen and then grab the full-length, Julian Plenti … is Skyscraper.

DOWNLOAD: “Game for Days”