Free music from Willowz side project, Barracks

Willowz frontman Richie James Follin has been busy the last 2 years between working on a new Willowz record, releasing an outstanding solo album, and writing and recording with drummer Loren Shane Humphrey under the name Barracks. According to the Barracks bio on their MySpace page:

It was decided that the music would be a mix of psychedelic, punk, and heavy rock in the vein of some of their favorite groups such as Black Flag, James Gang, and Blue Cheer. The album was recorded in 3 days in Los Angeles and tells the story of a young African boy they met one night while playing a benefit for Invisible Children. The boy they met is a victim of warfare and lost his mother to aids. During the recording, Follin lost the use of two of his fingers on his left hand and had to relearn to play guitar.This may have had a hand in the resulting raucous symphony of black and blue noise and texture captured on this debut. The record was recorded in the memory of the late great Lux Interior.

Barracks has made their album available for FREE on their website where you can either grab one song at a time or the entire thing as a ZIP file.

Here’s a sample: “Realize”

Love it? Then head over to the Barracks site and grab it.

Video: Alberta Cross – “ATX”

Burning up my iPod this week is the latest from Alberta Cross, Broken Side of Time, which will be available in stores on September 22. I caught just a few minutes of these guys at a packed day show in Austin earlier this year at SXSW and a whole slew of influences were heard – from Blind Melon to Mother Love Bone to Dead Confederate to Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin.

Check out “ATX”, the first video from Broken Side of Time and let me know what you think.

The Damnwells documentary finally gets a release date

A recent post on The Damnwells website says:

Many of you have been asking about this documentary for some time. We are happy to announce it is finally here! Come out to the Music Hall of Williamsburg next Friday, August 28th to celebrate the release of this really embarrassing film and we will melt your faces with an hour or so of scorching mid-tempo rock!!! Oh, and the DVD will be for sale at the show, too.

This is our last show for a while, so if you’re on the fence about coming out, take the plunge and come hang out with us for a night in Brooklyn!! We’ll tell jokes and drink beer and forget each others names.

The last two NY shows sold out. We recommend getting advance tickets.

I had an advance screening of the film – Golden Days – a few years back and it’s a wonderful – yet sad – look into the triumphs and struggles of a band trying to “make it”. I can’t wait to own a personal copy of the DVD though I’m not sure what the global distribution plans are (and, unfortunately, I won’t be at the release show).

Photos: The Entrance Band / Nebula

Word on the street was that The Entrance Band wasn’t to be missed and, truth be told, I was interested just to see the new band Paz Lenchantin (ex-A Perfect Circle, Zwan) was playing in. The crowd at the Ravari Room wasn’t as big as I expected it to be (what? the preview I wrote didn’t bring out the masses?) but those who ventured out “early” (The Entrance Band went on around 10:45pm) were treated to a performance that will not be forgotten. The Entrance Band doesn’t exactly wow with their stage presence but it was the music that blew 90 or so of us away. It’s trippy, hippie stoner rock from the ’70s as played by instruments and technologies from the ’00s and was memorizing to watch/listen to.

Nebula kicked some ass as well – that’s who a majority of the crowd was there to see and it’s pretty obvious that while some of the band members may be somewhat new, the Nebula sound (spacey/stoner funk grooves) has been well crafted over the course of the band’s 10 year history.

More photos of The Entrance Band and Nebula after the jump

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Contrast Podcast: The arse

There seems to be a running theme to my contributions to Tim Young’s Contrast Podcast – I try to sneak The Damnwells in any time I have the chance. When this week’s theme was announced via email last week – “Next week we will be continue our tour of the body with a necessary visit to The arse” – I tried to figure out what I could submit. Of course, the first thought that came to mind was The Damnwells “Asshole” though now, after thinking about it, Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom” would have also been a great pick (I can’t believe NOBODY submitted that song).

Anyway, stream it here or download for enjoyment at a later date.

Added bonus: Alex Dezen of The Damnwells posted his acoustic take of the song (on my birthday, as a matter of fact) on his YouTube account. This version is much different than the one you’ll hear in the podcast.