Pinback and The Breakfast Club (video)

Obviously I’m not the first person to post about this video but since I don’t read all the hip indie sites, I didn’t know about this video until my brother showed it to me. Some dude took a Pinback song (“From Nothing to Nowhere”) and overlaid on top of one of the most memorable scenes from the ’80s film The Breakfast Club. It works surprisingly well.

YouTube Preview Image

Free music Friday

Pretty light week on he downloads and on the updates – chalk it up to seeing Van Halen and the Smashing Pumpkins on two consecutive nights (more on that this weekend).

Nada Surf – “See These Bones” (MP3)
Minipop – “Like I Do” (MP3)
Division Day – “Plowed” (Sponge cover) (MP3)
Thrice – “Digital Sea” (MP3)
Say Hi – “Northwestern Girls” (MP3)

Podcasts – Patradio / Contrast Podcast

Got a couple of podcasts to suggest. Pat, of, does a really nice job featuring local (Columbus, Ohio) talent on his podcasts while mixing in some national/international stuff towards the tail end of the show. Pat posted episode #90 this week and it is of particular interest to me because Ash and Matt of the band The Hot Damn (who I wrote about a few months ago) are the special guests and talk a little bit about their band and about the label they started called Merit Badge Records.

Download episode #90 now and while you’re at it, download the Merit Badge compilation that came out in June featuring some amazing homegrown talent such as the Woosley Band, This is My Suitcase, Lydia Loveless, and Gretchen King.

Now, onto Contrast Podcast. Tim posted episode #80 with the theme of “Short Songs”.  All the songs had to be under 2 minutes long. I had a few favorites to choose from but decided to submit “Grind Like a Girl” by U.S. Rail, a now-defuct band featuring my friends Aaron and Beth. Seriously, whenever I put together mix CDs, I always try to include this song because it’s a minute and a half of sheer brilliance.

Download the “Short Songs” episode of Contrast Podcast. If you like “Grind Like a Girl”, let me know and I’ll post the MP3 here.

Weekend playlist

3 songs I couldn’t stop listening to this weekend.

Idlewild – “When I Argue I See Shapes”

YouTube Preview Image

Hum – “Stars” (ah, the power of advertising … a few seconds of this song are in the new Cadillac commercial)

YouTube Preview Image

LeAnn Rimes – “Nothing Better to Do”

YouTube Preview Image

Free music Friday

Robert Pollard – “Current Desperation (Angels Speak of Nothing)” (MP3), “Pill Gone Girl” (MP3)
Chris Stills – “Fool for Love” (MP3)
Travis Morrison – “As We Proceed” (MP3)
Terra Diablo – “Setting Sun” (MP3), “Captain of Simpletons” (MP3)
Dappled Cities – “Paint the Walls” (MP3), “Save Your Money” (MP3), “Granddance” (MP3)
The High Violets – “Chinese Letter (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)” (MP3)
Ryan Scott – “5 O’Clock News” (MP3)
The Soda Pop Kids – “Put On Your Tight Pants” (MP3)
Nicole Atkins – “Party’s Over” (MP3)
The Forms – “Knowledge in Hand” (MP3)
Hot Springs – “Headrush” (MP3)
Benzos – “Hurt Everybody” (MP3)
Sarah Blasko – “Planet New Year” (MP3)
Schoolyard Heroes – “Dude, Where’s My Skin?” (MP3)

Full CDs
Darker My Love – ‘Self-Titled’ (ZIP)
Glossary – ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’ (MP3s)