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Everything Everything’s “Cough Cough”

Damn you, crazy Brits for this infuriatingly awesome earworm – it’s like tUnEyArDs-meets-Gotye-covering-Peter-Gabriel. That combination makes my head spin!

Everything Everything’s U.S. debut EP, Cough Cough, is out on Feb.5.

Dates in the U.S. are starting to take shape – LA (3/19) and NYC (3/25) are confirmed as is a SXSW appearance. No word on whether or not there will be more dates but the betting man says there will be.

Happy 30th birthday Pyromania!

We were 6th grade kids, playing tetherball on the school playground. Somebody had an older brother or sister that bought cassettes at Caldor or listened to WPLJ and was into this band from England and spelled their name in a way that confused 6th graders because it didn’t look right. I have to imagine that a lot of us wrote “Deaf Leopard” on our school notebooks until we learned better.

Rush, Van Halen, and Ozzy were established rock bands by 1983, but even though Def Leppard had already released two albums (‘On Through the Night’ and ‘High & Dry’), my friends and I thought ‘Pyromania’ was the band’s debut. And we loved it. We all bought the cassette. We all tried to decipher the opening of “Rock of Ages”, we all wanted sleeveless Union Jack t-shirts and we all started our lip-syncing careers in front of the mirror to songs from this album.

Happy 30th birthday ‘Pyromania!

Love these Scottish boys, looking forward to album #4, Pedestrian Verse, in early February.

Here’s the first video from that album.

Here’s what you can do with a $600 video budget and a song that clearly tells a story through it’s lyrics.

(website: Get Well Soon)

Today’s jam comes courtesy of UK soul-rockers The Heavy. “What Makes a Good Man” is featured on the band’s forthcoming release, The Glorious Dead, available August 20.

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