Bro Jovi? More like Bro Pantera!

I fell for it – first time I saw Bro Jovi’s name I assumed they were a Bon Jovi cover band (and, truth be told, that wouldn’t have been too upsetting). But one listen to the Cleveland band’s debut, Songs to Crush Beers To, Vol. 1, shows that these tough guys are no poodle-haired ’80s throwback. They do sound suspiciously like Pantera (I ain’t complaining). Check out this brand new video for “I Am Eternal”.

Holy classic metal supergroup!

This is BAD-ASS!

Two parts Deep Purple (Ian Gillan, Jon Lord), one part Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi), one part Metallica (Jason Newsted), one part Iron Maiden (Nicko McBrain) and one part HIM (Linde Linstrom) = WhoCares, a classic metal supergroup assembled to raise some money for a good cause – rebuilding and helping the music school in Gyumari, Armenia.

Unfortunately, the group only recorded two songs – “Out of My Mind” and “Holy Water” – but those two tracks, along with a 30-minute documentary showing Gillan and Iommi’s involvement with Armenia will be available later this month. More info on the release can be found here.

Do you know Awolnation?

Never heard of this band until last week when Blind Melon’s guitarist Christopher Thorn posted on Facebook that he’ll be spending the summer on the road as a member of Awolnation. Turns out that the music isn’t at all something I’d expect Thorn to be involved with. Techno-soul is maybe the best way to describe it though Megalithic Symphony is a pretty diverse – and danceable – affair. Fans of MGMT (“People”, “Jump on My Shoulders”), The Loyal Divide (“Guilty Filthy Soul”) and TV on the Radio (“Burn it Down”, “Sail”) will most likely find a few songs to their liking and, for some reason, most of the tracks remind me of The New Radicals, who you might remember from their sole hit, “You Get What You Give”.

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