Dig Me Out Podcast

Pretty simple mission statement from Tim and Jason, the hosts of the Dig Me Out podcast: “Revisiting the college & alternative rock of the 1990s, one album at a time.”

The duo are only 4 episodes in, but have already covered one of my favorite albums from that time period, Seed’s Ling. A few years ago, I was able to dig up a little bit of information on what the guys did after Seed’s breakup (check out links here).

Here’s this week’s Dig Me Out Podcast.

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Next week’s podcast is going to feature an album very near and dear to my heart, Triple Fast Action’s Broadcaster and Tim and Jason may just have a special guest dropping in to offer some thoughts.

Buffalo Tom return

After a nearly ten-year absence, Boston good guys Buffalo Tom returned in 2007 with Three Easy Pieces, a pick up from where they left off in 1998.

The music climate has changed since the band first formed under the tutelage of Dinosaur Jr. frontman, J. Mascis and it’s unlikely that Bill Janovitz, Chris Colburn or Tom Maginnis are able to make mortgage payments solely from the music they create, but they aren’t quite ready to call it quits yet. In early March, the trio will release Skins and they’re offering up a free EP of acoustic material on their website to get listeners ready.

Check out video versions of the EP’s tracks here.