Tour: Alex Dezen (The Damnwells)

Got a great, unexpected email a few weeks ago. Alex from The Damnwells asked if I could hook him up with a solo/acoustic show in Columbus. “Done”, I replied and got to work. Actually found him a Sunday night, early evening gig at a bar The Damnwells have played before but, alas, it was not to be as routing wound up leading him in a different direction.

Here are the dates Alex will be playing.

11/05 – The Darkroom—Nashville, TN. 8pm.?w/ Josh Fletcher and Dewveall.
11/06 – ?Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta Room)—Atlanta, GA.?8pm.?w/ Brandon Clark and Josh Fletcher.
11/07 – ?Parkside Café—Birmingham, AL.?9pm.?w/ Josh Fletcher.?FREE!!
11/09 – Music in the Hall—Oxford, MS. 6pm. w/ Josh Fletcher.
11/09 – Proud Larry’s (with full band!)—Oxford, MS.?9pm.?w/ Josh Fletcher.
11/11? – Hotel Café—Los Angeles, CA.?10pm.
12/05 – Rockwood Music Hall—NYC. EARLY SHOW. Doors 6:30pm. w/ Courtney Kaiser.
12/07 – Thunderbird Café—Pittsburgh, PA. 8pm. w/ Courtney Kaiser.
12/08 – Tin Angel—Philadelphia, PA. 8:30pm. w/ Courtney Kaiser.
12/09 – Jammin Java—Vienna, VA (DC/Arlington area). 7:30pm. w/ Courtney Kaiser.

Alex will most likely be debuting some new Damnwells tracks from the forthcoming 4th album as well as digging into the band’s deep catalog of songs on this tour. The full band will be performing Dec. 18 at the Double Door in Chicago and Alex hinted that more dates may follow early in the new year.

Video: Mini Mansions – “Kiddie Hypnogogia”

I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Michael Schuman: “Hey, Josh, listen … I know we’re taking a little break from Queens of the Stone Age. I’ve been dipping into your ‘Magical Mystery’ weed and writing these fun little pop songs.”

Josh Homme: “Right on, brother. Think we could drive out to the desert, jam on the songs and make ’em a little more fuzzy than poppy?”

Michael: “Um … you’re the boss man, but I’d kinda like to release them on my own.”

Josh: “Right on, brother. Right on.”

Not sure if this is a side project or a full-time gig that bassist Schuman will dedicate his time to when QOTSA is inactive, but the Mini Mansions self-titled debut CD is a great sounding, mildly Beatles-esque pop affair with very small, small stoner-rock hints (imagine taking Homme’s bass parts and running them through an elevator-music generator).

Mini Mansions, the CD, was released this week on Homme’s Rekords Rekords. Listen to it, in full, here.

Tour: Blind Melon (3 dates)

After reforming with new Travis Warren in 2006 and then giving him the boot in 2008, it looks like the Blind Melon guys are going to give it another try. There’s not a lot of details out there right now, but guitarist Christopher Thorn posted on Facebook that Blind Melon has booked 3 dates (2 in November, 1 in February) and the Blind Melon message board confirms those dates AND reveals that Travis will be given another shot as the lead singer. The band is said to be taking it slow and the future is still up in the air. Let’s hope the past is the past and everybody can move forward.

Here are the dates:

November 27, 2010 – The Aspen Festival (Aspen, CO.)
November 28, 2010 – The Bluebird Theatre (Denver, CO.)
February 04, 2011 – The Hard Rock & Casino (Albuquerque, NM.)