Tour: The Cult

The Cult have become the latest band to hop on the “play an old/classic album in it’s entirety” tour. The band will tackle 1985’s Love from start to finish and then close with a greatest hits encore.

There are some holes in the itinerary so look for more dates to be announced.

Jul 4 – El Paso, Texas, Street Festival
Jul 10 – Lockport, New York, Ulrich City Center
Jul 11 – Atlantic City, New Jersey, House Of Blues
Aug 19 – San Diego, California, House Of Blues
Aug 21 – Phoenix, Arizona, Celebrity Theater
Aug 22 – Los Angeles, California, Nokia Theater
Aug 23 – San Francisco, California, Warfield Theater
Aug 25 – Portland, Oregon, Roseland Ballroom
Aug 26 – Seattle, Washington, Moore Theater
Aug 28 – Abbotsford, British Columbia, AG-REC Building
Aug 29 – Calgary, Alberta, Flames Central
Aug 30 – Edmonton, Alberta, River Creek Event Centre
Sep 1 – Minneapolis, Minnesota, First Avenue
Sep 2 – Chicago, Illinois, House Of Blues
Sep 4 – Dallas, Texas, House Of Blues
Sep 5 – Austin, Texas, Stubb’s BBQ
Sep 6 – Houston, Texas, House Of Blues
Sep 7 – Charlotte, North Carolina, Amos
Sep 9 – Washington, DC, 9:30 Club
Sep 11 – New York, New York, Terminal 5
Sep 12 – Boston, Massachusetts, House Of Blues

(Thanks HoustonCalling for the head’s up about this tour)

New releases: Scott H. Biram, Monahans, Warbringer

Though I’m just now starting to spend time with all 3, each will be considered for my “Favorites of 2009” list.

Scott H. Biram’s Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever is now available on Bloodshot Records.

Monahan’s Dim the Aurora is now available on Misra Records.

Warbringer’s Waking into Nightmares is now available on Century Media.

Weekend wrap-up

You’re not going to get these too often because most of the time my weekends are pretty boring but this one wasn’t. Now before telling you who I saw on Saturday afternoon, I have to provide a little context. I was a big fan of the pop-punk SoCal band Wax back in the early ’90s. They put out 2 records before splitting up and while singer Joe Sib continued on with 22 Jacks, the other guys seemingly disappeared. Not sure how I stumbled about guitar Soda Gardocki’s stuff but just a few years ago discovered the former Wax guitarist was doing this tin pan alley/Tom Waits/old-timey style music and it sounded damn good.

Recently I become one of Soda’s “friends” on Facebook and a status update last week indicated a show in Ohio! As luck would have it, Soda was in Columbus this weekend visiting a friend – a violinist he introduced me to as “Sea Bass” (short, I think, for Sebastian) – and Sea Bass hooked Soda up with a gig at Vic’s Cafe. Soda texted me about an hour before he was scheduled to play on Saturday and my youngest daughter (3.5) and I made a quick trip south just in time to catch Soda and Sea Bass run through a 40 minute set. This is one of those occasions where I really have to pinch myself because I never thought I’d have the chance to see the West Coast troubadour unless I happened to run into him at SXSW. To have him play in my backyard during the daytime? Priceless. (Video coming soon)

Sunday is a bad day to play a show. When it’s Mother’s Day, it becomes worse. When you have to finish the show by 10pm due to a previously scheduled reggae night, well, you can imagine what the turnout was like for The Dears/Great Northern/Eulogies show at Skully’s. Eulogies started off … EARLY … and play to about 5 people. A few more turned up to see Great Northern during whose set singer Rachel Stolte mentioned that there probably weren’t any vampires in the house since it was still light outside! For those going to check out this tour, Great Northern is playing music exclusively from their new record so if you’re hoping to hear something from Trading Twilight for Daylight, you’re out of luck. That being said, while Trading Twilight for Daylight was my favorite release of 2007, I’m thinking that I like the new record – Remind Me Where the Light Is – even more.

The Dears – 7 strong – made up for the last time I saw them and put forth a valiant effort despite the lack of crowd size. There were only two songs I really, really wanted to hear and The Dears delivered on both (“Lost in the Plot” and “Disclaimer”). I wasn’t quick enough to the draw on either song so the video that I did capture was only for about half the song for both. I still need to check them out to see if the videos look okay before posting.

In the meantime, enjoy Great Northern performing my favorite song from the new CD, “Fingers”.

Great Northern perform “Fingers” at Skully’s Music Diner on Sunday, May 11, 2009

Interview: Great Northern

Great Northern

The first Great Northern CD – Trading Twilight for Daylight – showed up in my mailbox, completely unexpected and it was one of those CDs that, on first listen, I fell in love with. It earned the top spot on my “Favorites of 2007” list and I was fortunate enough to see the band a few times on the tour for that release including a few performances that year at SXSW. Jack Rabid wrote a glowing review of that CD in spring ’07 issue of The Big Takeover and when I emailed him to tell him that I was a big fan of the band and that I would have an opportunity to see them very soon thereafter, Jack gave me my very first Big Takeover assignment – write a 500-word feature on the band for the fall ’07 issue.

Two years later – and with two band members no longer in Great Northern (Davey Latter and Ashley Dzerigian) – Rachel Stolte and Solon Bixler have returned with a new release, Remind Me Where the Light Is. Now, I may be crazy, but just as I think the first CD title described the music perfectly, I think the new title sounds like something you’d say in the wee hours of the night or the very early part of the morning, before the sun comes up. And, once again, the music matches.

Great Northern is currently on a great touring bill with The Dears and Eulogies and I sent Rachel some questions the old-fashioned way …. through email! The responses, printed as received, came back with a note that said “Sent using my iPhone” which explains the way they appear.

Free download of the song “Story” available for a limited time on

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Tour: The Donnas (opening for Blondie / Pat Benatar)

To promote their upcoming greatest hits CD, Volume 16 (guess how many songs are on it), The Donnas are will be hitting concert sheds this summer warming up for Blondie and Pat Benatar (umm … are you listening Honey’s? Too bad you’re not still together so you could play the side stage).

Here are the dates:

7/16/09 San Diego, CA @ Casbah*
7/17/09 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour*
7/18/09 Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar*
7/21/09 Saratoga, CA @ The Mountain Winery
7/23/09 Petaluma, CA @ Mystic Theatre*
7/24/09 Sacramento, CA @ Marilyn’s on K*
7/25/09 Lemoore, CA @ Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino
7/28/09 Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theater
7/29/09 Albuquerque, NM @ Isleta Casino Showroom
7/31/09 Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
8/1/09 Memphis, TN @ Mud Island Amphitheater
8/2/09 Atlanta, GA @ Chastain Park Amphitheater
8/4/09 Vienna, VA (DC), The Filene Center
8/5/09 Gilford, NH @ Meadowbrook/US Cellular Pavilion
8/7/09 Bethlehem, PA @ Musikfest at Sands RiverPlace
8/8/09 Boston, MA @ Bank of America Pavilion
8/11/09 Canandaigua, NY @ Constellation Bands Marvin Sands PAC
8/13/09 Brooklyn, NY @ Asser Levy Park/Coney Island
8/14/09 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s*
8/15/09 Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center
8/16/09 Detroit, MI @ Motor City Casino/Sound Board (Pat Benatar only)
8/17/09 Highland Park, IL @ Ravinia Pavilion
8/20/09 Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall
8/21/09 New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack’s*
8/22/09 Biloxi, MS @ Beau Rivage Resort
8/23/09 Houston, TX @ Arena Theatre

*The Donnas Headlining