Video: Snow Patrol – “Take Back the City”

First thoughts on the song were that it sounded like a cast off from Eyes Open, something that maybe wasn’t good enough to be included on that album. But after 30 or so listens in the last week, I’m thinking it’s not such a bad first single after all. The new Snow Patrol album, A Hundred Million Suns, is in stores at the end of October.

Letters to Cleo to reunite … but don’t get too excited

Kay Hanley and Stacy Jones have been touring as part of Hannah Montana’s band and Hanley is married to LTC guitarist Michael Eisenstein so a reunion isn’t a huge surprise – they just had to rope in guitarist Greg McKenna and, well, let’s face it, his post-LTC career hasn’t exactly skyrocketed with Murder Capital of the World. Bassist Scott Riebling isn’t taking part in the 20th anniversary reunion and his spot will be filled by Joe Klompus (a member of Hanley’s solo band).

While it’s cool and all that LTC is reuniting (read the press release here … warning, it’s a Word doc), the “tour” is only 4 dates at this point (see below) and there is no indication of future shows or future new music. Until more dates get added or the promise of a new album surfaces, I’ll just have to be content with my LTC CDs and videos (thank you YouTube).

November 8 -Los Angeles CA – The Roxy
December 8 – Boston MA – Paradise Rock Club
December 9 – Boston MA – Paradise Rock Club
* New York date in December to be added soon.


“Here and Now”

Back for more

You probably have already forgotten about Hurricane Ike. Who would have guessed that the storm that hit Texas would make it’s way all the way to Ohio and knock out power at Atomic Ned headquarters for 6 days? The server that hosts was also hit with a power outage and then the owner of the server (my father-in-law) was on vacation for a week so I apologize for the downtime. But, as Ratt once said, “We’re back / back for more” so hang out tight.

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