The Republic Tigers score Nada Surf tour

Featuring Kenn Jankowski (formerly of Golden Republic), The Republic Tigers have secured the opening slot on Nada Surf’s upcoming spring tour.  As Sea Wolf can attest, playing shows with Nada Surf can do nothing but help The Republic Tigers awareness amongst the blog nation.

DOWNLOAD: Buildings and Mountains

Republic Tigers with Nada Surf
June 1 – The Social (Orlando, Florida)
June 2 – Studio A (Miami, Florida)
June 3 – State Theatre (St. Petersburg, Florida)
June 5 – Mercy Lounge (Nashville, Tennessee)
June 7 – Bluebird (St. Louis, Missouri)
June 9 – The Music Mill (Indianapolis, Indiana)
June 10 – The Basement (Columbus, Ohio)
June 11 – Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland, Ohio)

Happy Birthday to – ANOTHER Fig Dish exclusive download!

Fig Dish - Blake SmithWhen I launched last year (first post – April 4), I wanted to start out with a bang. I had been sitting on an unreleased Fig Dish CD for a few years, one that I knew people were dying to hear and by putting it up as one of my first posts, I suspected I could drive a lot of traffic to this new venture of mine. A year later and over 350 of you have downloaded the CD that David Cobb and I refer to as Onanism (look it up for yourself!).

So what could I do to reward you, fair readers of Well, in 2006 the mighty Fig Dish reunited for a handful of shows, one of which David and I went to at Schuba’s in Chicago (David flew in from Houston, I flew in from Columbus). We were fortunate to run into a fellow Fig Dish fan – Dave – who recorded the entire show and was kind enough to pass along a copy to David and I.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, as my gift to you on AtomicNed’s first birthday, here’s the March 4, 2006 “reunion” show in it’s entirety.

DOWNLOAD: Fig Dish – Live at Schuba’s (3/4/06)

Many, many thanks to Dave (who actually posted this link just the other day in the comments section of the Fig Dish post I made year ago) and to Blake, Mike, Rick and Andy for putting on a helluva reunion show two years ago.

Now, I’ve got 365 days to convince the guys to record some brand new songs for’s 2nd birthday!

Soundtrack of My Life – Laura Jordan (The Billionaires)

The Billionaires debut, Really Real Forever, came out last week on the Too Soon label and it’s a wonderful pop-infused summertime album with really sweet boy/girl harmonies. There’s a lot of nostalgic lyrics and music – check out “Eighties Movies” with it’s ELO-style keyboards – and I thought to myself, “Here’s a band that I bet would do a great job writing a ‘Soundtrack of My Life’ feature.”

Download: Eighties Movies (The Billionaires)
Download: End of Summer Song (The Billionaires) 

Just a few hours after I pitched the idea, Laura Jordan (vocals/keyboards) sent back a story about why hearing Blind Melon‘s “No Rain” reminds her of being a teenager with a crush. (What is it about Blind Melon posts this weekend? Merely a coincidence, I promise!):

“I think I was fifteen when Blind Melon put out that record with ‘No Rain’ on it – or maybe they had already but that’s when I first remember it.

I was living in a small town called Ancaster with my grandfather, about an hour outside of Toronto … there was a bonfire in a field that night, it was probably a Friday and all the girls got together at a fiery red-head girl called Sandra’s house cause we could smoke in her garage.

Sandra and my birthdays are two days apart, I’ll never forget that … every few years we manage to call each other up around that time. But in those days we would get drunk before going to an actual party to drink more – the pre-drink and getting ready was key and in retrospect probably the most fun. We only drank Labatt’s Blue or way-too-sweet pink wine … was it called Vincent and Gallo? And smoked Player’s filters.

I had a crush on a boy and he was going to be there. I remember putting on what I would have thought was a sexy top but then it’s Canada so of course you have to wear a big-ass coat and he probably never saw the top cause the party was outside and in the dark.

I remember that walk through the fields, we had done it many times before but I remember this one because of “No Rain”. Because when we got to the party I probably talked to everyone except my crush. That feeling is amazing, when you know someone is there and they know you’re there and you’ve somehow established you like each other without speaking and now you don’t look or talk to each other … brilliant. When that song came on it was like … instant. You felt part of something instantly, you felt buzzed, you danced with your arms outstretched and your face to the sky. It was magic. Ha, I haven’t changed much. But that night I got my kiss about ten feet away from the fire behind a bush and whoever’s Jeep the music was coming from played ‘No Rain’ again and again cause no one could get enough of that fucking song.”

New Blind Melon video – “Wishing Well”

Wow! I was expecting a concert video, a compilation of live clips spliced together from the band’s reunion tour with new singer Travis Warren. That would have been fine by me but, wow, this is much more than I expected. I’m a die-hard Melonhead and this video gave me goosebumps, particularly the short scene where Shannon Hoon’s mom, Nel, is seen giving Travis a hug (she’s the one wearing the Peace, Love & Shannon Hoon t-shirt). I was actually there when Mrs.Hoon showed up to see the band for the first time since Shannon passed away and it was a HEAVY situation.

YouTube Preview Image

The band has a shitload of tour dates coming up to support the release of For My Friends (available 4/22). Check ’em out here.

The Whigs, British Sea Power, Testament, 65 Days of Static

YouTube Preview Image

I DVR’d Subterranean last weekend but it started about 30 seconds late so I missed the intro to The Whigs video for “Right Hand on My Heart”. Without the knowledge of who this band rocking out at a backyard kegger, I kept thinking that this looked exactly like many parties I went to back in my college days (circa 1991) though we never had a cool band playing (though, if I remember correctly, The Hangboxers may have done a gig on the back porch at 1488 Tuller). But if we did, it would have been a local favorite like Greenhorn who actually sound(ed) a bit like The Whigs (or should I say that The Whigs sound a bit like Greenhorn?).

Here’s some other things that caught my eye in the last couple of days:

  • Tha Bombshelter reviews – in a very unique way - the British Sea Power/1900s show that Duffy and I attended last week. And the whole show is available to download as MP3s. Here’s my short review:

I’m still undecided about the 1900s. A little too Summer of Love for me, I think. Half the band seemed to be loving life, the other half looked like they wished they were at home, drinking a cup of warm bitter tea.

What I’ve heard of BSP, I really like. Kind of reminds me of Idlewild, Coldplay, etc. but shorter and younger and with funnier clothing. I know the fans would love to have heard the band play for hours and hours but being that I’m not a super-fan, I thought the set may have been 3 or 4 songs too long. I’d like to see them in a 30-minute opening slot for Idlewild or at a SXSW day party where they’ve got to jam as much into 25 minutes as possible.

  • The rumored Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio-lineup), Judas Priest, and Motorhead tour just got a whole lot tastier with the not-confirmed (hell, the whole tour isn’t confirmed yet) rumor that Testament will be opening. I’ve been on a Testament kick lately (more the old early ’90s thrash stuff than the more recent efforts) and I saw/loved the Heaven and Hell concert on VH1 Classic this weekend so I’d love to check this one out if it really happens.
  • Finally, is 65DaysofStatic really booking shows for April and May of 2009?????