LOST: Catch-22

Check out the nice video recap somebody posted on YouTube.

I don’t have many theories after watching last night’s episode. I was hoping to catch some hidden things in the opening scene when the images flashed by really fast (ah, I love having Tivo and being able to watch frame by frame) but really all they showed were things that happened later on in the episode.

Obviously, the name of the episode (and the book, in Portuguese, that the parachutist – at least I’m assuming it’s the parachutist’s – had was “Catch 22”) played heavily into the plotline. If Desmond lets Charlie die, perhaps the parchutist is Penny. If Desmond saves Charlie, then perhaps he’s missing a chance to see Penny.

We finally learned why Desmond calls everybody “Brutha”. His backstory probably could have been wrapped up quicker but I’m a big Desmond fan (or, should I say, I big fan of Desmond’s acccent) so I enjoy the episodes he’s in even if I don’t know how they are going to play into the bigger puzzle. It seems like in this episode and the other Desmond-centric one, he’s being told that he has a bigger calling …. that’s he’s got a purpose/destiny to fulfill. I’ve been so accustomed to watching each episode with an eye for hidden easter eggs that when Desmond was leaving the monastary and talking to the monk, I noticed right away the poorly Photoshopped photo on his desk with the monk and the storekeeper that Desmond encountered in his last backstory.

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Contrast Podcast: Kings and Queens

The theme of this week’s Contrast Podcast compiled by Tim Young is “Kings and Queens”. Lots of cool songs were submitted by web celebrities such as Heather (I Am Fuel, You Are Friends), Ross (Just Gimme Indie Rock), and The Duke of Straw (The Late Greats). I would, of course, recommend listening to the ENTIRE podcast but if you want to hear my contribution (Helicopter Helicopter’s “Talented Socialities”), fast forward to the 41 minute mark.

DOWNLOAD: Contrast Podcast – Kings and Queens

Priestbird – stream the new album, download the first single, watch the video

I overlooked a new release this week in the “What are you buying?” post. Priestbird (the artists formerly known as Tarantula AD) released the trippy In Your Time today. If you can, imagine mid-70s Pink Floyd recording an album of metal tunes out in the California desert with Josh Homme twisting the knobs.

“But Chip,” you’re saying, “I’ve never heard of Priestbird. I’m not going to blindly go buy this CD even though your description of the band’s music sounds killer. Is there any place I can sample music for myself?” I’m glad you asked. Kemado Records and Priestbird are streaming In Your Time in it’s entirety here (note: I can’t get the streming player to open in Firefox but it seems to work in Internet Explorer).

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What are you buying this week?

On my radar …

Elk City – New Believers (Friendly Fire Recordings) – My wife was a big fan of The Melting Hopefuls of whick Elk City’s Renee LoBue and Ray Ketchem were a part of. Luna guitarist Sean Eden joins Elk City on this throwback to ’50s and ’60s style pop.

Fightstar – Grand Unification (Trustkill) – UK band featuring a former boy band member (Charlie of Busted). I picked up an EP by this band a year or so ago and it reminded me of the Deftones and Jimmy Eat World. The full length could be worth a listen.

Graig Markel – Via Novella (Sonic Boom Recordings) – Look for a review of this CD here later this week.

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Def Leppard/Styx/Foreigner summer tour dates announced

I caught Def Leppard a few years ago when they toured with Cheap Trick and I’ve got to admit the British hard rockers sounded nearly as good in 2005 as they must have back in 1983. With a lineup that has been in tact since  1992 when Vivian Campbell (Dio/Whitesnake) joined following Steve Clark’s death, Def Leppard  will join other big ’80s names Styx and Foreigner this summer on a tour of outdoor sheds across the U.S. heartland. If you’re keeping track at home, Styx features original members James Young and Tommy Shaw while Foreigner features original member Mick Jones (also of note: Foreigner’s singer is Kelly Hansen, ex-Hurricane singer, and their drummer is Jason Bonham).

Dates (and there are a LOT of them) after the jump.

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